What Will I Do as Your REALTOR®?

The common assumption is that a REALTOR®'s main job is to show you homes. However, there are so many more things that you'll receive when you work with us. Some of those services are listed below.

  1.      Give you a free analysis of your real estate needs
  2.      Determine housing criteria and research properties
  3.      Continually update criteria and needs
  4.      Research and answer your questions in a timely manner
  5.      Frequently send you listings that match your wants and needs in a future home
  6.      Use technology to your advantage
  7.      Send you information in relation to your move/relocation
  8.      Make appointments to show you homes on a time schedule that works for you
  9.      Provide information on short term stays if needed i.e. hotels, rentals
  10.   Educate you on all areas of the buying process
  11.   Educate you on new construction opportunities
  12.   Provide you with information on schools, communities, employment, etc.
  13.   Preview homes for you if you’re not available
  14.   Counsel you in the pre-buying process
  15.   Discuss your financing needs
  16.   Provide you with qualified contacts for your lending needs
  17.   Provide timely and professional disclosure
  18.   Help you with determining pros and cons of each property we look at
  19.   Point out “hot buttons” while showing
  20.   Help with questions you have on your loan application
  21.   Follow up with your lender in regards to your loan application to ensure loan process has begun
  22.   Analyze purchasing timeline and needs once you’ve found your dream home
  23.   Construct a free market analysis of the property to help you make an educated offer by comparing similar active, pending, and recently sold properties
  24.   Act as a liaison between you and the seller’s listing agent
  25.   Draft the offer while preparing and determining correct paperwork
  26.   Research tax records
  27.   Check out flood zone
  28.   Find utility information for you
  29.   Thoroughly explain paperwork before you sign
  30.   Submit contract and follow up with listing agent
  31.   Negotiate contract until it’s mutually agreeable
  32.   Review and explain final contract before you sign and accept
  33.   Send title company executed contract and ensure they have all of the necessary and correct documents so they can begin getting title information prepared
  34.   Schedule and attend home inspection with you
  35.   Schedule and attend testing and other inspections with you
  36.   Provide you with trusted insurance agents
  37.   Follow up with home insurance process
  38.   Review home inspection findings to ensure no amendments to contract need to be made
  39.   Renegotiate any ill-fated home inspection findings if needed
  40.   Order appraisal
  41.   Help you meet all of your financing deadlines
  42.   Closely monitor all contingencies including financing, home inspection, appraisal, etc.
  43.   Keep constant contact with lender to guarantee closing process is smooth
  44.   Schedule closing location and time that works for all parties in transaction
  45.   Review the closing statement AKA HUD
  46.   Attend final walk through with you
  47.   Coordinate between lenders and title company to determine funds needed for closing
  48.   Explain how closing process goes, what you’ll need to bring, etc.
  49.   Attend your closing with you
  50.   Give you your keys to your new home
  51.   Follow up after closing to ensure everything’s going wonderfully!


Interested in learning more about what we can and will do as your REALTOR®? Fill out the form below or give us a call and we can get a FREE consultation set up. We're looking forward to working with you! 


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