The Smart Technology You Never Knew Your Home Was Missing

Posted by Kelly Holck on Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 at 2:33pm.

The other day, I was reading up on homes that are entirely made up of smart gadgets. The lights turn on by themselves, the garage door can be closed from miles away, different gadgets speak to you as you enter rooms...

It honestly reminds me of that movie on Disney Channel from when I was younger and it makes me slightly uncomfortable (if you've seen it, you know why).

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This got me thinking, I wonder what smart technology is out there that I don't know about. This one simple, pondering thought sent me on a hilarious research mission that I'm now excitedly sharing with you. Read on to hear about the weirdest smart technology you never knew you needed.


Quirky Egg Minder

If this isn't the fanciest egg tray you've ever seen, you're lying. This tray syncs with your smartphone to tell you how many eggs you have left in it at home. Therefore, when you're at the grocery store and somehow managed to forget your list at home, you won't have to worry about being short on eggs. Not only does it let you know when you're out, but it will also tell you when your eggs are going to expire! It even has a built-in light that marks the oldest egg in the tray so you know which one you should eat first. 



Hidrate Spark 2.0A

I just started a "water competition" with my best friend where we try to beat the other on hydration. Though I was able to download an app to my phone that reminds me to drink water, it doesn't really remind me to clock how much water I've actually had. Therefore, I'm not really sure (most days) how much water I've actually had. It also bases your recommended water intake on your weight and doesn't take into account the amount of activity you have in your daily routine. Instead of using the app, I think it's time to purchase this Hidrate Spark smart water bottle which glows to remind you to hydrate. The water bottle is integrated with your smart phone (via Bluetooth) to tell you how much water you've drank. It also collaborates with your Fitbit, Apple Watch, and other activity trackers to help set hydration goals based on your personal stats. It's almost fully dish washer safe (you have to hand wash the sensor stick) and fits in a standard cup holder.
For all of you who are proclaiming, "New Year, New Me", this is the perfect Happy-2019-gift to get yourself. As a friend of mine always says, hydrate or diedrate.


Brita Infinity Smart Water Pitcher

This pitcher is just like your normal Brita water pitcher except it connects to your wifi and automatically orders a replacement filter from Amazon that will be delivered to your front door. The filter typically lasts about two months so expect deliveries from Amazon about six times a year! 




Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad 

Have you ever heard of a smart changing pad? Well, I hadn't until now. This amazing changing pad actually tracks your baby's weight gain/loss through collaboration with an app on your smart phone, right down to the 0.25 ounce. It is able to figure out how much your baby is eating at each feeding as well so you know if you're producing enough milk for your growing baby. It even tracks diaper changes so you can report an accurate number when your doctor asks! 


Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Just like the classic sleep number bed, you and your partner can each pick your own comfort setting. However, with the smart technology built in, the new Sleep Number 360 tracks your sleep each night and connects to an app on your phone to send a report to you when you wake up. It also can pre-warm your side of the bed for you. It will automatically change the firmness and temperature on your side while you sleep to match how you sleep the best. If you're like me and you have to have one foot hanging out from under the covers, then you're going to love this even more. The bed will automatically adjust the temperature at the foot of the bed too! 


Vivint Garage Door Controller

Have you ever left home and five minutes later wondered, Did I close the garage door? Well, with this next product, you won't have to worry anymore. With an app on your smart phone in conjunction with the Vivint Garage Door Controller, you can open and close your garage door virtually! The app will notify you with alerts when the door is left open. If someone opens it in the middle of the day while you're at work, you'll know. If the mailman is scheduled to deliver an expensive package to your house while you're not home, open the garage door from your phone and have him place it securely inside.



Petnet SmartFeeder

Here's one that I could definitely use (late Christmas present, anyone?). The Petnet SmartFeeder allows you to set up your pet's daily meals with set portion sizes and it'll feed them, even when you're not home. The feeder will give you recommended healthy portion sizes based on your pet's stats: age, weight, and activity - my veterinarian sister would probably tell me to advise a licensed professional for approval on these healthy portion sizes, though. The app that you'll download on your phone will tell you when your pet has been fed and will alert you when you're low on food so you can get some more ordered/picked up from the store. The best part is that you can set up a schedule so if your wifi or internet goes down, your pet won't starve! The feeder will operate on schedule for an entire seven hours, which is probably plenty of time for you to get home or figure something else out for your pet's feedings. 

*Please note: adorable dog Lola not included.



This one kind of cracks me up: a smart fork called HAPIfork. This smart utensil will actually monitor how long it takes you to eat your meal, how many times you bring your fork to your mouth per minute, and how long you allow between bites. If you're eating too fast, HAPIfork disciplines you by vibrating. All of the information HAPIfork takes in gets uploaded to an online dashboard or mobile app, where you can also set workout objectives, track your progress, score points in challenges, etc. Though kind of hilarious, it's probably a pretty useful dieting tool for those of *us* who have no self control.



I frequently make up my own recipes for veggies combinations and healthy meals. However, I always forget to write down how I made the meal! With SmartyPans, all you have to do is login to the app, tell the app the ingredients you're adding in as you add them, and the weight and temperature sensors on the pan will record how much of each item you added as well as the optimal temperature and time to cook it. Therefore, you'll have the recipe right there in your app for the next time you want to make it. It even computes the nutritional value of the meals you cook and integrates it with your fitness/activity tracker i.e. Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc. The app also allows you to share with friends, and if you're following a shared recipe, SmartyPans will tell you when the "stir for 2 minutes" time period is up. And the best part? It's dishwasher safe! 




Though some of these products may seem goofy or a little out there, people are buying them. Some smart gadgets, however, haven't made the cut with consumers. 


Kerastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings

This smart hairbrush actually sounds pretty cool. It analyzes and monitors your hair's health when you're brushing it. The sensors within the brush score the quality of your hair and check the effects of different hair routines on your hair. When you download the app to use with the brush, it'll give you personal advice and product recommendations based on the statistics it gathers on your hair. I'll be honest, I looked this one up to see how much it costs and I was a little upset when I noticed it's not for sale anywhere. However, I probably don't need to be taking advice from a salesperson inside my hairbrush.



Kuvée is a smart wine bottle opener that has several similarities to Keurig. Basically you buy wine cartridges specially made for the product, the Kuvée bottle detects what you're drinking, and it shows you the label on the touchscreen. You can click through the touchscreen for all sorts of statistics on that particular wine on the touchscreen as well. It'll recommend food pairings, tell you who made the wine and where it's made, what different things make up the wine, and give you an estimate of how much is left in the bottle. The touchscreen connects to the internet to allow you to purchase more cartridges when you're getting low. The selling point of this product, however, is the fact that it only allows a small amount of air into the cartridge so your wine will last longer. Therefore, if you're a one-glass-and-done kind of person, you don't have to worry about the wine going bad for an entire month. Though this one sounds pretty fun, you can only utilize it when you have the specific cartridges which means it ends up being pretty costly. 

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So, there you have it: a ton of unnecessary but kind of cool and fun products to buy when you have extra cash laying around. I'll probably hold out for a while on most of the products considering most of them are fairly costly.


If you read through this entire post and decided to go on Amazon and spend all of your Christmas money on these smart tools, let the team know so we can help you find a house to put all of your new toys in!

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