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“They were excellent! Shawn sold our home after the first showing which was incredible. I had no idea he was that good!I knew he was good because I got referred to him by a friend and she talked so highly of him, but after working with him it’s just exceptional. How we were living in our home was okay for us, but we didn’t realize we weren’t showing it properly so we were able to move out of our home and stage it properly which allowed our house to sell within a weekend. We also engaged Shawn to buy a home so we bought our home and one thing he negotiated as part of the deal was a warranty which is awesome... Three days time the water stopped working. So, Shawn comes over to our home, coordinates the contacting of all the people to come fix it, and lo and…

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"It went by really fast, they took care of everything. Any question I had they answered. I had an appointment set up for 9 o'clock, I was there a little early and they bumped me in early, so that was nice. She brought me in early, so I got out of there early."

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“I mostly worked with Jill and she was awesome! She was really available whenever I wanted to look at anything and was very helpful in general. She explained everything and was really awesome. Jill got paint colors for me from the previous owners, which was very helpful now that I’m painting.”

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“Jill was excellent, she really helped out a lot. She was about 9 months pregnant and still was on top of everything! She was really available which I thought was amazing. She was willing to meet with me during non-business hours to make arrangements to see the house because of my crazy schedule. That made things a lot easier.”

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“I had amazing results. They made sure we got the house we really wanted. We were having issues with our lender for the appraisal. We needed to get some things looked into and they got everything taken care of. Shawn took a ton of time out of his day. He made lots of phone calls and got everything set up so we could buy our home, and not be homeless. They went above and beyond, left and right for us.”


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"Their real estate company was wonderful. They really narrowed in on our search for a property because we had a short closing time and we needed to get into a new place. With our situation, they were able to zero in on a specific place for us."

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"He was great, very well organized. He helped us look for the things that would be the most important for an inspection, plus get the house ready. He scheduled a person to come in for staging. There was lots going on and he kept track of all of it and helped us get through it. I could just go on and on about all the good stuff he did."

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