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Posted by Kelly Holck on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 at 10:53am.

I'll be honest with you, the idea of buying a home used to scare me nearly to death. A decision so big, where I'm virtually spending my entire savings account, that's finalized with a quick signature...not my idea of a stress-free day. 

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However, after being in real estate and working through transactions with my team, I've taken a step back from the ledge.

The home buying process isn't as scary as I once thought, as long as you have these two things: 

1. A fabulous real estate agent who is willing to listen to your wants and needs, can provide you with a list of on-market homes that fit your needs (so long as there are some), negotiate to get you the best price, and isn't just in it for the close and the paycheck.

2. A rockstar lender who wants to get the best rate possible for you, is responsive and communicative every step of the way, is able to get you AND your loan to the closing table on time, and isn't just in it for the close and the paycheck. 

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Well, I have good news for you: Keller Williams has had the first option since the early 80s and we are now offering the second as well for your smooth home buying experience! If you're working with a Keller Williams agent (on either side of the transaction), you can now apply for a Keller Mortgage loan with:

No origination fee.
Zero lender fees.
$1,000 credit at closing (on loans $150k and up).
And an incredibly low rate!

Check out the neat chart below that shows what Keller Mortgage offers in comparison to a typical lender.


The above savings are only a small portion of the benefits Keller Mortgage has to offer. Some of the others include:

Refinancing: Refinancing is a part of the ZeroPlus program! 

Many Types of Loans are Offered: Primary, investment, and vacation homes (residential 1-4 units); purchase and refinance (cash-out too) AKA Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Conventional; FHA; VA; USDA; JUMBO.

Extremely Strong Pre-Approval: Because you're encouraged to submit a loan application and financial documents upfront, your verified pre-approval will come back strong and sure. Underwriters will get your documents reviewed within 24 hours so you can start looking at homes ASAP.

On Time Closings: The mortgage industry has an average closing of 57 days. Keller Mortgage is at almost half of that with an average closing happening in 30 days!

Experienced Loan Officers: One of my first thoughts when hearing about this program was, "Sure, the loan program sounds great. But, how do I know the loan officers involved will actually hold up to the standards and reputation of the Keller Mortgage loan?" Keller Mortgage's response to this is that all of the loan officers have, on average, 9+ years experience, close an average of 20+ deals/month, and have 5 star ratings. 

Technology is On Your Side: One of the biggest benefits when working with Keller Williams in both the real estate side of the transaction as well as the lending side is that we have the best technology the industry has to offer. You can literally get pre-approved securely through an app on your phone!

There are plenty of other reasons why Keller Mortgage is a great loan program. In no way am I implying that using a lender other than one through Keller Mortgage is wrong. I'm just saying that you now have at least one more option available to you that may end up saving you a ton of money.

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So, if you're in a real estate transaction with a Keller Williams agent, whether they're on the list or the buy side, check out Keller Mortgage to see what it can offer you. 

Give us a call, 608.729.7351, or fill out the form below to learn how you can get pre-approved with Keller Mortgage today.

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