It's time to start packing those moving boxes... You may have done it a few times before and are remembering how difficult it was then. This time it's different; you have kid(s).  Your mind is going in 1,000 different directions and now you have to think of them too. How will this affect them? Here are few tips to make moving with kids less stressful and make a smoother transition. 

1. House Hunt 

After you have accepted your position or narrowed down where you want to live, bring the kids. Show them your favorite homes and tell them what you like about each home. Let them pick out their potential  bedrooms. Letting your kids pick out their bedrooms gives them a feeling that they are in control in an uncontrollable time. Ask your child or children when going through the homes what their favorite part of the home? What is it about the neighborhood they liked as you drove through? They will feel included and be a bit more excited about the situation. 


2. Visit The Home A Few Times 

Once you've made the offer and had it accepted... It's time to come back with the kids. Work with the seller and ask if they would allow you to come back in and visit a few times before closing to get the kids acclimated. Maybe even arrange a sleep over or pizza party at the home before closing.  Also, let them make their final room decisions. While you're there ask the kids, what color would they like the walls? How would they like to decorate it?  Giving your LO's a sense of security and control.   

3. Color Coded Tape 

Perusing through Menards one day while getting packing supplies, I noticed there was a variety of colored Duct Tape. A light bulb went off in my head. This would be a great way to color code each room. I let the boys pic out their tape of choice and used this to mark the boxes for who's room that went into. I also made sure not to confuse the movers upon move in.  I placed the matching tape to the doors for where the color coded boxes went. The boys had a blast and made packing up their rooms less of a hassle. 

4. Donate, Pack, Long Term Storage

As we have discussed before, moving can be a confusing time for kids of all ages. Packing can give them anxiety and a sense they are losing all their favorite items. Before packing up the moving pod. Play a game with them while going through their clothes and toys. Make 3 different sets of boxes. 

  1. A donation box.
    • We all know kids have way too much stuff. Moving is the perfect time for them donate to children who do not have so many things.
  2. Take to the new home box
    • After having your kids decide what they want to donate have them help pack the items they wish to take to the new house. Kids will understand that these are making the move on the moving truck and will arrive at the new location
  3. Long Term Storage
    • This moving box should be for items you are not ready to part with such as keepsakes, or your favorite clothing item that do not fit them anymore. This box will be put in a basement or storage space for your later viewing. You do not even need to use these boxes for just the kids. Use them through out the home it will make your move simpler, organized and gratifying. 


5. Double move made easy

Do you have to stay in a short term rental before moving in? Use idea #4 but with an extra box. This box will be the box that your kid(s) will pack to take with them to apartment. Have your kid(s) pack their favorite toys, lovey, and items in their room to bring with them to the rental. Having these items at the apartment will make your life a little less hectic. The kids will feel secure having their favorite items with them, but also make sure to reassure them the rest of the items will come to the new house when it's ready. 

6. Child Care

When moving day comes my suggestion would be to hire a sitter for the kids for the day. Whether that is family, friends, or a nanny have them take the LO's somewhere so you and the moving company don't have to worry about them getting in the way. If you're not able to get help the day of the move, find an area and set it up to keep them occupied. If that means screen time... DO IT! I'm not judging. 

7. Join local social media pages

Picking out the house and rooms might be the easiest part of the move. Finding new local eateries, cafes, play groups and parks can the real test. Join local Facebook groups and search for recommendations. You can find some pretty great suggestions without having to leave your phone or couch. 

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