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What is the ideal time to get your house on the market?

The answer is different for everyone. It might be your individual needs. If you need to be in Albuquerque in a month, that answer will always be as soon as possible. If you could perfectly time it in our market, most accepted offers happened in the month of April.

We currently have an extremely low supply of available houses that don’t already have accepted offers. In Dane County, we have 409 active homes, single-family homes, and condos for sale. In Madison, we have 90 without an accepted offer. In a balanced market, you have about six months’ supply of homes and condos for sale, where the market doesn’t advantage sellers and doesn’t advantage buyers. In Dane County, we have 21 days…

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Dane County Real Estate Recap 2022 

The real estate market in Dane County saw a decrease in sales of single-family homes and condos in 2022, with 15.4% fewer homes sold for a total of 7,293. This can be attributed to the 14.2% decrease in listings that came onto the market. The low inventory levels also played a role in the decrease in sales. The total number of active homes on the market as of January 1 is only 526.

Interest rates have also increased, currently sitting at over 7%. Although there may be some fluctuation, it is expected that they will stay in the range of 6% to 7%. This increase in interest rates has led to a drop in price appreciation, however, the average and median sale prices for homes and condos in Dane County still saw…

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How to Calculate your Net Proceeds

The market has been changing lately, and many people have been wondering if it’s a good time to sell their homes. If that is you, one factor that will help you make that decision is knowing how much money you’ll get to keep after you sell. Too many people oversimplify this estimate and end up disappointed. I want to help you avoid that.

Start by using a home value estimate calculator. You can access mine here. This is a free tool that shows you an estimate of how much your home is worth. This is not a guarantee, so know that numbers will fluctuate. However, this will at least help you get a good ballpark figure to start with.

After that, figuring out how much of the money from your home sale that…

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The latest news about the real estate market this holiday season.

Happy holidays! Thank you for putting your trust in our team. I also want to give you a quick update on what’s happening in the market. There are so many doom and gloom headlines. While they might reflect some parts of the country, real estate markets are very local. Even from one city to another nearby, there can be vast differences. 



Right now, homes are still selling, however, the supply of available houses is still low. We have half a month of active inventory. Even if you include the listings with accepted offers, we still only have one month’s supply. A balanced market would have about six months of inventory, so this is still a seller’s market. If you’re a buyer…

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You have options to safeguard yourself from fluctuating rates.

The Federal Reserve has increased rates multiple times this year so far and will continue to do so throughout 2022. That means if you’re in the process of buying a home, the rate your lender quotes could increase sometime in the future. So what happens if interest rates increase after you’ve already gone under contract? Is there any way to protect yourself?



First of all, when we’re writing an offer with a financing contingency, we typically determine whether your rate is fixed or variable and what terms would allow you to cancel the contract. In a rising market like this, you should get a mortgage rate lock as soon as possible in the process to prevent your rate from…

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If you're wondering what's happening in the real estate markets for both Madison, WI and Dane County, you're in the right place. Read on for today's market update.

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At the moment, we're in a seller's market, as we have been for quite some time. In the greater Madison area, there's currently less than one month’s supply of homes available for sale. In Dane County, there's a little less than 1.5 months of supply.

Some of you may ask, how does a seller's market affect property values? 

Generally speaking, a low supply of homes for sale puts upward pressure on pricing. However, since it's still early in the year, most sellers haven’t…

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What does our market look like currently in comparison to last year at this time? Here are the numbers to watch.

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Here are the latest mid-year statistics from our Dane County market.

In June of 2018, we had more than 11% fewer closings than we did in June of 2017. While that seems like a big difference, average and median prices have increased by 7% for June sales.

In our current market, we have about 1.87 months of inventory for homes and condos in Dane County. In a healthy, balanced market, we would have around 6 months of inventory. This level of inventory is lower than it was in June of last year, and that was even lower than…

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As we move through the spring market, demand continues to surpass supply in Dane County. If you’re a seller, now is the time to put your home on the market.

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What’s the latest news from our Dane County spring market?

As we've discussed previously, spring is always the hottest time for real estate, and this year is no different. We expect March, April, and May to be the three hottest months for real estate in terms of accepted offers. June will be the hottest month in terms of closed sales, but the accepted offers leading to those sales are occurring now.

Looking back on January, February, and March, our first quarter market was…

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If you’re a buyer, you shouldn’t necessarily be worried about rising interest rates. If you’re a seller, however, now is the time to get top dollar for your home.


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Interest rates have finally started to rise. In fact, for the first time since last summer, they’ve increased to more than 4% for a 30-year fixed mortgage. Today, they’re at 4.5% for most of the lenders we work with.

We’re in for quite a competitive stretch in the housing market. By the end of last year, we had fewer than 1,000 active listings here in Dane County. Right now, we have 848 condos and single family homes for sale without accepted offers.…

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2018 is almost here. Do you want to know how our market is expected to change?
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What’s happening in our market right now? What can we expect from the market in 2018?

First, let’s start off with the number of homes that are currently available in the Madison area. Currently, there's less than 1.5 months of supply in terms of both condos and single-family homes.  What does this mean you may ask? This means we’re in a seller’s market at the moment (brief explanation: a balanced market is about 6 months of available homes at the rate of sale using the average of the past 12 months. In a "balanced" market supply and…

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