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Posted by Kelly Holck on Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 at 4:25pm.

Summer is finally on the horizon! 

I don't know about you, but I spent most of my winter inside cozy restaurants, eating comfort food, enjoying the warmth of the indoors. Now that warm weather is actually here, however, I want to be outside, soaking up as many rays of sunshine as possible; if you've seen my pasty skin, you understand why.

Therefore, I've come upon quite the conundrum: how can I avoid skipping precious hours of daylight to do my favorite thing, EAT? Some may see this problem and feel defeated. I, however, see it as an easily overcome challenge: food trucks!

When I lived in the tiny town of Leadville, Colorado (roughly 2500 residents at the time), we had one food truck to service the whole town; that's a generous food truck:person ratio if you ask me. Its offerings were a few different types of burritos, quesadillas, and taco bowls. Well, here in Madison, we have options galore!

If you'd like to enjoy sunshine this summer with me, then read on for just a few of the many food cart options Madison has to offer!

Good Food Low Carb Cafe Carts

Good Food prides itself on specializing in low carb salads, lettuce "tacos", wraps, and soups, and have recently added zoodle bowls, "fathead flatbreads", and additional low carb options to their always growing menu. There are no added sugars of any kind in their grub and they source locally when possible! In addition to their cafe on the East side of Madison, they have two food carts Downtown! Both carts have delicious, low carb menus and are available for private parties and special events. 

Cart 1 
You'll find them parked near 33 E Main St Downtown
Open Monday-Friday from 11AM-2PM 

Cart 2
These guys are located at the Library Mall at 728 State St Downtown
Open Monday-Friday from 11AM-2PM

 Octopi Food Truck

What's better than eating great food from a food truck? Drinking awesome beer WHILE eating great food from a food truck! That's why Octopi has their very own truck right outside of the brewery. The food is pub/bar style but may have a different look and taste in the near future, as the renowned chef is playing with the idea of more shareable items! 

You can order from right in front of Octopi Brewing at 1131 Uniek Dr in Waunakee
Wednesday through Friday, 4-9PM and Saturdays from 3-9PM. The hours may vary with special events. Check out the calendar here.

El Grito Taqueria

The ideas are constantly flowing with the chefs at El Grito Taqueria and the menu is always changing. At El Grito, they pride themselves on using all natural, sustainably produced, high quality products from right here in Southern Wisconsin. My favorite thing about these guys is they literally use a tortilla as their vessel for all types of food: On May 1st, pork with pickled pineapple salsa made an appearance. On May 3rd, the featured taco was carrot/sweet potato with honey chipotle salsa, fried corn, and cilantro. I seriously cannot wait to get to El Grito Taqueria to order some street tacos a la carte this summer!

 Get your street taco on in Downtown Madison, near the Capitol
Open Wednesday through Friday, 10:30AM-1:30PM

1st photo: Pork w/ Pickled Pineapple Salsa ; 2nd photo: Carrot/sweet potato with honey chipotle salsa, fried corn, and cilantro


This Mediterranean food truck known as Banzo is famous in Madison for its amazing falafel AKA deep fried ball of beans and chickpeas. Their menu is comprised of fresh and hearty items made entirely from scratch. They also focus on using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible while still staying true to Mediterranean tradition. I've read several places that their food can also be considered "comfort food"; if I come across fresh, hearty, local, and comforting on one plate, I may never eat anywhere else again.

You'll see them at the Capitol Square at King & Main on Wednesday and Friday
At the Library Mall at Lake & State on Tuesday and Thursday
At the Dane County Farmers Market on the Capitol Square on Saturdays through November
Open Tuesday through Friday, 11AM-2:00PM

 Toast Food Cart

Who here loves carbs? If you didn't raise your hand, then you're most likely either lying or you're dieting (props to you on that diet by the way). The creators of the Toast Food Cart have blessed us lucky Madisonians (Madisonites?) a menu of food items, all served on, drumroll guessed it: TOAST. Their menu features paninis for breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND dessert (Nutella, strawberries, bananas, and powdered sugar...drool) and even caters to the vegetarians of our great city.

You can get your panini for any occasion at the Library Mall in Downtown Madison. They're typically parked near the Capitol on the weekends for the Dane County Farmers Market!
Open Monday through Friday, 11AM-3PM and 5:00-7:30(ish)PM
Open Saturdays for the Dane County Farmers Market


Though there are many more options of food carts in Madison, I'm going to wrap this up here. Feel free to use a super innovative and helpful search engine called Google to find even more food trucks and carts in Madison, Wisconsin! 

If you don't live in Madison, then you'll have to come for a visit to try all of the amazing portable grub that Madison has to offer. The other option is to come check out houses that are currently on the market; if you live here, you can have these wonderful and delicious menus at your disposal ALL WEEK. 

Give us a call at 608.729.7351 or fill out the form below if the latter option sounds more appealing to you. We love sharing our expertise on the Dane County Market even more than we love carbs and tacos and deep fried things! 

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