Can't a Girl Dream?

Posted by Kelly Holck on Wednesday, June 5th, 2019 at 4:38pm.

One of the perks of being in real estate is that, after seeing your fair share of houses, you learn what works in a home and what doesn't. 


Sure, the above photos are pretty obvious. And any Kathy on the street may know she wants a colonial style home with a swimming pool in the backyard. However, only a true real estate guru (salesperson, broker, or avid Pinterester) knows they want snow white, slow close cabinetry, with gainsboro grey accents, black farmhouse cabinet pull handles, and black marble countertops in their kitchen. 

That being said, we thought it might be fun to interview a few of the ladies in the office to see what their dream home looks like. And let me tell you, based on the small amount of hesitation that occurred in each interview, I'm pretty sure these ladies have been preparing for their dream home build for some time now. 

Jill's Dream Home

In case you're unfamiliar with our team structure, Jill is one of our all-star buyer's agents. She cracks me up on a daily basis with her love of coffee and random food cleanses. She currently lives in Middleton with her husband, Tod, and two boys, Jax and Rory. 

Me: So, Jill, what's your dream home look like? 
I love modern but am also thinking cottage style. I'm kind of all over the board.**pulls up photo similar to the one below** Something like this.

**Meanwhile, I'm thinking Jill means something like this; apparently I'm not a real estate guru**

Me: How many rooms are you thinking?
 I'll definitely have six bedrooms and a bathroom for each bedroom. No, wait, I need a half bath too.
Me: Wow. That'll be huge! 
Jill: Yep, about 7,000 square feet.
Me: Do you want any land? 
Jill: Meh, a little. Probably only 2-3 acres. It'll be on the East coast somewhere, right on the ocean so there won't really be room for more than that. I'd love for it to be on the outskirts of a city about the size of Madison. That'd be ideal. I need space for an outdoor entertainment area: I'm thinking a large pool, outdoor kitchen, fire pit area, and deck with a roof. I'd obviously need a pool house too, which adds on about 3,000 square feet. That's where my workout room is. I also know I want an open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, and a ton of big windows. 
Me: Are there any amenities you need nearby because you would never be able to live without them?
Jill: **without even taking a breath** Starbucks
Me: What rooms in the house would you say are most important to you? Rather, which rooms have you completely designed in your head, from floor tile to ceiling tile?
Jill: Definitely the kitchen. It'll be walnut and black with white accents. It has to be big, with two islands, a le cornue range, a butler's pantry, a Yolanda fridge, plus a higher end refrigerator that matches the cabinetry.
Me: **after several minutes of research since I'd never heard of any of the afore mentioned items** Alright, so what else would you absolutely need in your home? 
Jill: I'd need a mother-in-law suite for when the relatives come to visit. There’ll be a walk-in wine cellar built on the main floor, under the stairs. The master bathroom would be awesome with a separate stand alone tub, giant shower, and almost entirely marble. The whole house will be pretty monochromatic with a simple, light color scheme. There will be technology galore built-in, in-floor radiant heating, and the entire house will be geothermal, for the environment and stuff.
Me: Is there anything you could do without?
Jill: I don't really need a formal living room. The great room will be plenty.
Me: What about a garage?
Jill: Yes. four car which is about...1,000 square feet. And I want my property completely gated in, with privacy walls. And, that about sums it up! 

Tod, if you're reading this, you're going to need to pick up a few extra shifts/careers so you can build Jill her dream home in time for her birthday next year.


Summer's Dream Home

Summer is our Director of First Impressions here at Keller Williams Realty. She is basically the assistant to every agent in the office and also runs the show most days. About once a day, she finds my water bottle in a random spot in the building and walks it down to my office before I even realize it's missing. She’s living the apartment life in Middleton at the moment, and will soon be my neighbor!

Me: So, Summer, do you have a few minutes? I want to hear about what your dream home looks like.  
**laughs** This won't take very long.
Me: So what style would you have it built in? 
**after researching the styles of homes** I really like craftsman, but I also like Jill's idea of cottage. So like, in between those two.
Me: That sounds neat. How big would you want it? 
Summer: It'll be between 1500 and 1600 square feet with four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. My husband and I will have the master, my future kids will have one room, and the dogs each get their own room. 
Me: Whoa, that's tiny compared to where Jill's living! I love it. Will you be on a large lot?
Summer: I'd want at least an acre, but really up to five acres would be great. I'd need an electric fence so the dogs can run. An acre of the land would be manicured and the rest would be wooded, for the wildlife, you know? 

Summer, in a nutshell:

Me: **nodding along, laughing because great minds think alike** 
Summer: I'd definitely have an in-ground pool with a! That has a bar in it! I'd want a wrap around porch with a patio by the pool. There'd be a guest house out back, too, that's an additional 700-800 square feet for when people come to visit. Oh, and a small garden for my special blend of herbs and spices.
Me: Where would your five acre oasis be, if you could choose anywhere in the world?
Summer: Anywhere in the world? Either South Jersey or Wisconsin. South Jersey is pretty rural and close to the ocean, but I wouldn't mind being near a lake here. Another benefit of Jersey is I'd be close to shopping, good restaurants, and a boardwalk beach.
Me: That sounds nice. I'm not a huge beach fan, but I'd visit. Are there any rooms of the house you've spent a lot of time thinking about and designing?
Summer: Yes! The kitchen/living room/main floor area. I guess you'd call it the common area. It'd be open concept with a big kitchen. The kitchen would have an island, a wine rack, a double oven, gas stove top, and black granite countertops. I'd have a big table in between the kitchen and living room for family meals. It'd all be in grayscale. I'll have a gas fireplace, a huge TV, and a sectional, comfy couch, big enough for everyone to fit on. There'll be a wall of family photos there too. 
Me: Awesome! What else do you absolutely need? 
Summer: Electricity. **laughs** A husband and two kids. OH! I need a sewer; I'm not dealing with septic. I'd love a two car garage. An alarm system with exterior cameras and window and door alarms. Also, lots of natural light AND a bar inside and outside. I wouldn't mind having a cute Puerto Rican to tend to the pool and make me drinks.
Me: Ha! So then what would you want to leave out? 
Summer: I don't want close neighbors, which is why I'd want a bigger property. I definitely don't want a smart home either.
Me: Makes sense! You don’t want your life to turn out like that Disney movie...


 Barb's Dream Home

Barb is the Director of Agent Services here at KW! She is an absolute pro at recruiting awesome new hires and always has a smile on her face. She's one of the first people who I felt welcomed by here at Keller Williams, which I can't thank her enough for! She lives with her husband and son in Cottage Grove.

Barb: **pokes her head out of her office while I'm finishing up with Summer** What are you girls up to out here?
Me: I'm interviewing Summer on her dream home! How do you feel about becoming famous on my blog post? 
Barb: Ooo, that sounds fun! 
Me: Alright! Well, what's your dream home like? 
Barb: It's a lot like my current home, just bigger! I want a ranch with a walk-out basement. I'll need seven rooms: one for my husband and I, one for my son, a game room, an office, a work out room, and two guest rooms. I'd want a bathroom for each of the actual bedrooms too, so four. 
Me: How big would it be, then?
Barb: My house is right about 3,000 square feet right now but I could really use an extra 1,000 square feet. I'd probably want it on under an acre, unless Summer's pool boy could help with mowing the lawn. I'd want the backyard to be big and fenced-in so my dog has plenty of room to play. I'd need one of those privacy fences though so he doesn't get his head stuck in between the planks.

Me: **continuously laughing through Barb's last few sentences** Alright. Would you stay in Cottage Grove? 
Barb: Honestly, we're mainly here for my son's school. We'd love to be in DeForest, in the Conservancy Place area. I like the rolling hills and farmland out there. Plus, their neighborhoods have all sorts of demographics, which I love. It seems like it'd be a nice place to grow old. 
Me: Are there any amenities you like in DeForest that you’d like to be close to specifically?
Barb: I'd like to be within a convenient walking distance of a cute downtown area, shopping, restaurants, the post office, and the library.
Me: That'd be nice! So what room in the house would be your favorite, and what would it look like? 
Barb: The master bathroom. I really don't like the master bath in my house now because it's so small. I'd definitely want dual sinks so my husband and I don't have to share. I also want a separate tub from the shower. And, 42-inch counter height sinks! 
Me: What?!
Barb: Yes, my bathroom counters are so short. I just want normal, 42-inch high countertops. 
Me: Wow, I guess I never really thought of that. **types '42-inch countertops' in bold** So what are some other aspects of the house that you would want or would absolutely need? 
Barb: A three car garage. I'd really like an open concept kitchen too. I'd have a big island, hardwood floors, granite countertops, the typical things you find in a kitchen built nowadays. I would love deep sinks too.
Summer: **pipes in** So you can stack your dishes?
Barb: Yes, even higher than they are now! I'd have to say the most pointless thing I've ever seen in a kitchen, though, is a built-in desk! I had one of those in my old house and it was so useless. I really wouldn't mind an office off of the kitchen area with a desk, that'd be nice. I'd like lots of natural light, cathedral ceilings, neutral/calming colors, white molding and white doors, can you tell I've thought about this a lot? 

Barb's #1 absolute NO

Me: This is gold! 
Barb: I'd want a mud room separate from the laundry room that would have a wash sink or bathing area for the dog. I'd have built-ins to hang coats and keys and stuff. I'd really like a formal dining room for entertaining and two separate fireplaces. My walk-out basement will have a family room and it's own mini kitchen and prep area, with a breakfast bar.
Me: What about things you could do without? 
Barb: I don't need a film room, or a movie room. I don't really want a prep area in my main kitchen either. I definitely don't want a desk in my kitchen, or a bar. And smart technology is not necessary.
Me: What about in your yard? Or any other home features you really like? 
Barb: I love having a screened in porch and a three season room. I also really love my paver patio but would add a fire pit. I don't really want a pool, too many mosquitos. One thing I never thought I needed until I was without them are neighbors behind! I lived on a street once with no neighbors and it wasn't fun. 
Me: Yeah, that’d make for a pretty boring block party.


Kelly's Dream Home

And, last and quite possibly least (only because I obviously hadn't planned quite as much as these lovely ladies) is me! As you may know, I'm the Marketing Manager for the team and am always scouring the building for chocolate. The handsome guy in the photo below is my boyfriend, Aaron, who may not entirely approve of my dream home but will have to live with (and in) it considering he'll be paying at least half. Our two cats, Midget and Prudence, will most likely be joining in the move, unless Midge decides to wake me up at 3AM again because his food bowl is half empty.

My dream home, hmm. It'll definitely be out in the middle of nowhere, away from humankind. I still want to be somewhat close to family, since I moved away once and learned how difficult it is to be too far. I would like three-four bedrooms and the same amount of bathrooms. I'm thinking I'd like maybe 2,500 square feet, though I'm not entirely sure how big that would be. I definitely want it to be on at least 40 acres and most of the lot should be wooded. I do want about an acre (up to three) to have a lawn and some nice landscaping. I'd love a fire pit and grill in the back so that I can roast marshmallows while Aaron cooks me steak and Brussels sprouts. Aaron would really like to be on a lake, so I guess I can compromise there. Though I love the mountains, I'd settle for Northern Wisconsin since I am still within driving distance of family. I would like to be in a place with a population of under 1,000. In regards to the style of home, I had to do a bit of research. I think I like mid-century modern or lodge or farmhouse style. I'm kind of all over the place, as you can see based on the photos below.

Mid-century modern


Lodge minus the pool

If we're talking true dream house, then I'd want to have hiking and boating on my property or within walking distance. I'd also like to have my own private Jimmy Johns because Beach Clubs sandwiches all day. Because I've lived in the mountains, I now know that I need an airport within 100 miles as well.

The kitchen will be huge, with a breakfast bar so I can sit and watch Aaron cook. I'd like dark counter tops (possibly some sort of wood). I'll need a gas stove top, an enormous pantry and fridge, my very own coffee cart, and a killer spice rack. There would be a sliding glass door leading out to the back patio too. It'd be open concept and would connect to the great room. In there will be a super cozy windowsill nook where I can read, and a wood burning fireplace. I'll definitely have a secret door somewhere which leads to a library with one of those sliding ladders so I can pretend to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast, minus the beautiful singing voice. The master bath needs to be big with a somewhat large clawfoot tub and definitely two separate sinks so I don't have to share.

Since I'll be in the middle of nowhere and watch too many crime shows, I'll need a panic room that's fully stocked with water, non-perishables, chocolate, and games. This can double as a zombie apocalypse sanctuary. Other than that, I'd like to have a 2-3 car garage and an outdoor building of some sort since we all know Aaron needs a man cave. I'll let him design that.

And, just like that, I wrote my (seemingly) longest blog post ever! It's also been my favorite ever written because I got a chance to bond with a few ladies in the office and an opportunity to reflect on what my dream home really looks like. 


Do you have a dream home? Is it specific, like all of ours? Or do you enjoy the quirks of an already lived in, older home? Either way, we'd love to help! Give us a call today, 608.729.7351, or fill out the form below so we can get you closer to owning your dream home!


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