The warm nights are starting to turn cool and on some trees the leafs are ever so slightly beginning to turn.  As the ice cream drips down the cone in your kids hand standing on the lawn of the Capital, you are yearning for the days of quiet and school to begin. I remember the days I would beg to go school shopping so I could have the latest Trapper Keeper or the cool colored folders. I know my mom would tear her hair out especially with 3 kids grabbing things in all different directions.  I'm happy to say we only added a few grey hairs every year she had to shop with us. ;)   

I've got you covered on how to make this less stressful and enjoy that last bit of summer. 

When does your school begin? 

You might be sitting pool side right now thinking when do my kid(s) go back? How much time before we need to start earlier bed times and prepare the kids for early mornings again and making the bus? No worries, just click on your district's calendar below. Aren’t you glad you're reading this? 

Madison Metropolitan School District

Middleton-Cross Plains School District

Verona Area School District

Waunakee Community School District

McFarland School District

Oregon School District

Sauk Prairie School District

Dane County School District List

What school supplies do you need?



Who knew kids needed 48 glue sticks, 1059 pencils, 700 markers, and 30 boxes of tissues!?  The school supply lists these days are absolutely insane. Also knowing in like 3 months you will need to replenish them because your kid ate the glue or left them open or shot all 1059 pencils into the ceiling. Obviously,  I'm exaggerating a bit, but remember the days of fighting the jam packed isles at Walmart, Target, Staples, etc...? Today it's made easy to shop for school supplies. There is no need to drag your kids to Target to pick the list out out unless you wish to subject yourself to the chaos that will ensue.  Should you decide to hand pick out your items and forget your list Walmart and Target have the lists on hand. 

You're wondering why I said it was made easy. Target has done all the work for you. Simply head over to Target's  School List Assist follow the instructions and you're done! *Note- not all private school submit their list.  Walmart is not as easy, but you still don't have to step foot into those crammed chaotic isles. Go ahead and hop on their website and type in your school's name and this list will populate. Click on the items listed add to cart and check out.  Feel free to change colors or substitute but everything is all there on one screen an no need to search for more or leave your office chair.

Dress Code?


Does your school have a dress code? Check your school's dress code out if you need some brushing up.   Are you the parent who follows it to the "T"? My son's school has a dress code and after carefully combing it over I was more confused than ever. My simple thought was why doesn't the school just make the kids wear uniforms.? What are your thoughts on uniforms? Are they good, bad or do you feel it's too controlling?   

Now we know when school begins and have an EASY button to school supplies go ahead and grab your 4th or 6th cup of coffee for the day. Don't worry I do not judge.... (I'm right there with you!) Kick back relax enjoy the rest of summer with your kids. For the SAHP your quiet time will come, and the house will again have some order to it. I salute all you SAHP as I do not know how you do it. Instead of taking that cheesy first day of school pick for the kids take one with you relaxing with a book, pool side, or doing your favorite hobby in peace. You've earned it! 

*One last plea... As schools become under funded, thousands of teachers every year have to reach more and more into their own pockets to provide items for their classroom.  I ask if you can, reach into your own pocket and help a teacher out. There are many different options that can help a teacher out. Check out these sites and choose the one that you feel is the best fit for you! 

*As always if you need help with buying or selling to get your child into the school district of your choice please reach out as we are here to help!




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