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Happy almost June, everyone! 

June is probably my favorite month of the year. Why, you ask?
1. It's my birthday month and who can truly say they don't like their birthday?
2. It's the beginning of summer! I'm not a huge fan of super hot weather, but I do love an excuse to get out and hike, and what better excuse is there than the beginning of warm weather? 
3. It's the beginning of 90+ days of constant outdoor events! There's nothing like gathering with a crowd of sweaty people, drinking cold beverages, and jamming out to some good music. 

If you're on the same page as me with #3, then grab a pencil so you can get some of this summer's hottest events on your calendar! 


Hozier at the Sylvee

When: Saturday, June 1st; doors open at 7:00PM

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Despite what many home sellers think, not all renovations will earn you money in your home sale. Knowing the renovations that will add value to a potential home buyer is a key part of the home selling process.

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The big question that home sellers should be thinking about is, “What renovations do I need to make in order to earn more money on my home sale?” 

This question, however, could use a little re-framing: “What do I need to do to sell my home within my desired timeline and also see a bigger return?

Part of assessing what renovations are worth getting is deciding how long you plan to live at the house or property. If you think it'll

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3B / 2.5B / $300k

cul-de-sac you can call home, in the comfort of your cozy colonial on the west side of Madison.


Your roomy kitchen has plenty of cabinet and counter space for all of your cooking needs.


Wide entryways throughout the first floor create an intimate warmth when welcoming guests.

Warm up in front of your gas burning fireplace in your great room while enjoying your sturdy, built-in entertainment center and cabinetry.



Walk out into your sunroom, with your gas burning stove, for all-season relaxation. On a nice day, entertain guests on your spacious deck.



With all three bedrooms upstairs, keep your personal space independent from the shared, gathering areas of your home.

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Follow these steps so you can count on a properly working air conditioning unit for the summer.

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Air conditioners, especially in the Midwest, are an essential part of life. Most of us don't want to have to even think about life without one. However, many new homeowners have no idea what it takes to keep these units in good, working order. To make sure the A/C in your own home doesn’t “lose its cool” when you need it the most, there are two critical maintenance tasks you must follow:


Like any major home system or appliance, your air conditioner requires proper care to function as it should.

1. Never, I repeat: Never! run

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I'm not sure what the exact statistic is but a large portion of people in the United States have forgotten what the true meaning of Memorial Day is. Many (if not most) people know it as a day off of work to go boating, barbecue, and snag all those awesome sales. I'm not saying you can't do those things on Memorial Day, but make sure you keep in mind why your boss has told you to stay away from your workplace for the day:

To remember those we've loved and lost while they were actively serving in the military.

In America, we began observing this day after over 620,000 soldiers were killed in the Civil War; that's more soldiers than were killed in both World Wars combined.


That being said, in order to honor the memories of our fallen heroes,

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Summer is finally on the horizon! 

I don't know about you, but I spent most of my winter inside cozy restaurants, eating comfort food, enjoying the warmth of the indoors. Now that warm weather is actually here, however, I want to be outside, soaking up as many rays of sunshine as possible; if you've seen my pasty skin, you understand why.

Therefore, I've come upon quite the conundrum: how can I avoid skipping precious hours of daylight to do my favorite thing, EAT? Some may see this problem and feel defeated. I, however, see it as an easily overcome challenge: food trucks!

When I lived in the tiny town of Leadville, Colorado (roughly 2500 residents at the time), we had one food truck to service the whole town; that's a generous food

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As a kid, my absolute favorite thing to do was sit in my tree house that my dad built for me, and dream up a million different lives.

Honestly, if I had one in my current backyard, I'd probably be doing the same thing today. An even better alternative, in my opinion, would just be living in a house in a tree full time.

Well, if you're ambitious and passionate enough, you can make a dream like this (see below) happen.

Roberto Nickson

If you're not that ambitious but are a dreamer, then it may be time to turn to Airbnb. Here are just a few tree houses that are available for rent through Airbnb.

Please note: tree houses are built in trees. Bugs live in trees. Wild animals live near/in trees. Despite the fact that these are "tranquil" or

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2 Bed / 1 Bath
109 Walter St, Madison, WI 53714

The price has now been improved by $10,000 to put this east side home at $165,000!



This cozy bungalow is nestled into Madison’s East side, just a short walk from beautiful Lake Monona.



The living room, which greets you upon entrance, features a wood burning fireplace, built in bookshelf, and well-kept, plush carpeting.




The kitchen, living room, and both bedrooms all provide ample storage space.

Windows throughout invite an abundance of natural light into the home.




The large, fenced-in backyard, which is anxiously awaiting a pet or garden, houses a shed with a roof and vinyl siding, both under 10 years old.

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I'll be honest with you, the idea of buying a home used to scare me nearly to death. A decision so big, where I'm virtually spending my entire savings account, that's finalized with a quick signature...not my idea of a stress-free day. 

Image courtesy of Flickr user Grant Source

However, after being in real estate and working through transactions with my team, I've taken a step back from the ledge.

The home buying process isn't as scary as I once thought, as long as you have these two things: 

1. A fabulous real estate agent who is willing to listen to your wants and needs, can provide you with a list of on-market homes that fit your needs (so long as there are some), negotiate to get you the best price, and isn't just in it for the close and

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