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I've seen countless blog posts and articles discussing the "Rent vs. Buy" debate.

Some of those write-ups take the side of home buying, while others claim renting is the more advantageous route to take. However, after reading numerous pieces and chatting with several friends on both sides, I've found that the "better" choice depends entirely on the person making the decision. So are you going to enter the red door below and continue renting or will you open the blue door and purchase your first home?

Keep reading to find out which choice is better for you. 

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According to a 2016 PEW Research Center Survey, 75 million US household heads are homeowners, while 43.3 million are renters.

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Dryer fires happen more frequently than most people know. Therefore, I'd like to share a simple remedy to prevent them from occurring. 

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Each year, there are approximately 15,000 fires directly attributed to clothes dryers. The largest source of these fires? Lint build up in dryer ducts.

Lint tends to build up in dryers and their ducts over time, especially if you're not maintaining them. If your clothes need an extra cycle to dry or if something smells like it's burning, it’s probably time to get your dryer and exhaust ducts cleaned out.

For our dryer at home, my family uses a local company in Madison called Dirty Ducts. They charge

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One of the top five most exciting yet stressful moments of your life is when you buy your first home.

This is when many of us actually feel like we’ve reached the highest, tippity-top level of “adulthood”. The first level of adulthood is when you buy a really nice vacuum cleaner and rush home to try it out. Unlike purchasing a vacuum cleaner, however, you need to be in a pretty stable financial standing to buy a home.

If you'd like to avoid looking like the (fur)ball of stress above when it comes time for this major purchase, then read on. 

I’d like to start out by saying I am not a qualified or professional financial planner. I’m just someone who has had A LOT of experience with debt. I’ve also had a long struggle with saving money. For most

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Being a homeowner is all fun and games until something happens that incurs a large cost. That's why it's important to stay educated on what you should be doing to make sure you're keeping your home maintenance up-to-date. 

This week, I'd like to touch on one essential piece of upkeep that many homebuyers don't address until it's too late: cleaning your dryer vents.


Why is this necessary?

Between 2010 and 2014, an estimated 15,970 house fires were caused by washing machines and clothes dryers EACH YEAR. Of that figure, approximately 97% of those fires were caused by either dryers alone or a washer/dryer combination. The annual loss in direct property damage due to these fires was $238 million each year during that timespan.

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Winter will be here before we know it! Today I'd would like to discuss with you the different things you should be doing to prepare your home for the cold weather ahead.

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My wife and I recently put a list together of what we should be doing to prepare our home for the winter that's rapidly approaching. We decided to make a set schedule of items so that we know what to do every year in the fall. Here are a few of the things that are on our list: 

  • Removing our hoses from outside faucets. If you leave the hose on the faucet and water collects in the hose, it can freeze and cause your pipes to burst inside or outside your house. Keep
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Looking for something fun to do now that the leaves are changing and you're breaking out the flannels and boots? Look no further. Here's a list I've compiled of a couple of fun destinations in the Dane County area for the family and a few more for after the kiddos go to bed. 


Bring the Whole Family...

for a fun-filled fall day. 

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Enchanted Valley Acres - Cross Plains, WI  

If you love all things fall, then you'll LOVE Enchanted Valley Acres. On this 136-acre farm that's fun for the whole family, you can wander through the pick-your-own pumpkin patch, attempt to find your way out of the 8+ acres of corn mazes, and take as many trips down the giant, 200+ foot slippery slide as your body will

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Homeowners, especially first timers, often times don't realize there is a lot of preparation that goes into getting your home ready for the cooler temperatures ahead.

Therefore, I've put together a checklist made up of suggestions from several different reliable websites on what you should be doing before snow blankets the world.

***Before beginning to check things off your list, call your insurance provider to be sure that anything that happens to your home once cold weather hits is covered***

Photo courtesy of Instagram user @ngeheniau - this is what he found at home after a few days away.

First, I'm going to go over what to do inside your home to prepare for cold weather:

  • Switch out your summer screen doors for heavier, winter-proof
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Today I have six points to consider when selling your home to avoid turning off potential buyers.

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There are plenty of things and situations that can turn a potential buyer off of a property. In order to help my home sellers, I have made a list of the top six things that may deter buyers.

1. Damp or wet marks. Almost anyone walking into a home will be put off if they see damp marks on the ceiling or a sign of moisture on the walls or carpet.

2. Odors. Well over half of the buyers I've worked with say that they dislike smells like cigarette smoke, pet odors, and dampness.

3. Dull lighting. If it's dark in a home, more than half of

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